A story.  Every great (and yes, we are great) establishment has a story. Our story at Fattoush is very simple, because it started with where it stands now, and that’s with family. That’s really been our main recipe for success.  We treat and consider our customers family.  I’m Sami, and no, I don’t come from a formally trained food background.  I’m a former banker who had enough of the bank scene and missed home, so I decided to take a chance and bring “home” to you, along with mom’s cooking.

Like when we were growing up, nothing is premade, frozen or full of preservatives.  What your palates are experiencing are the exact same, tantalizing, mouthwatering, Mediterranean Cuisines that my family grew up with. Always made fresh daily and brought to you with love.

Only difference is, we are NOT sharing ANY of mom’s secrets. If you’ve been here, you know what I’m talking about and welcome to the family.  For those of you who have not had that experience yet, then YALLAH! What are you waiting for? My promise to you is you will not leave home hungry or unsatisfied. Only thing we ask, come hungry, come often and leave happy.